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About Teccred

Coordinated by Prof. Dr. Walter Lima, Teccred - Communication, Technology and Network Culture Research Group – investigates the evolution and technological processes, their impacts and their organization in a connected informational society, focusing on the relationship between communication, technology and citizenship.

Researchers have as objectives to capture the changes caused by social, cultural and behavioral transformations arising from connected digital technologies on everyday life, researching the processes of informational governance, social networking websites, social media, collaborative practices, interactive multimedia, changes in individual and collective rights, mobility, digital interfaces and video games.

The group relies on the work of lecturers and students from Casper Libero School, guest researchers and organizations from the civil society.

Our team:

To create and implement NeoFluxo, from conception to final execution, Teccred relied on the involvement of the following researchers:

Project Coordinator

:: Prof. Dr. Walter Lima

Coordinator of the Teccred research group, professor of the Post-Graduate programme at Casper Libero School, member of the Center for Cognitive Science at USP, coordinator of the Network of Applied Research in Journalism and Digital Technology at SPBjor, post-doctorate in Communication and Technology and columnist for IDG Now. E-mail: - Twitter: @walter_lima

Guest researcher

:: Profa. Dra. Caru Schwingel
Journalist, professor and researcher in Cyberjournalism and Cyberculture. Since 1995 she works with digital technologies and the Internet, developing products and services. She also conducts research on digital culture since 2000 and participates in research groups nationally and internationally. E-mail: - Twitter: @caru


:: Amanda Luiza S. Pereira
Graduated in Advertising and has a post-graduate degree in Communication Management, is currently a Masters student at Casper Libero School and a member of Teccred. On NeoFluxo, performed data collection. E-mail:

:: André Rosa
Journalist with both graduate and post-graduate degrees from Casper Libero School. Worked as deputy editor at Gazeta for nine years. For two years, he was the content manager for Comunique-se webportal. Currently a Master's student in Communication in Contemporary Society at Casper Libero School, a teacher of the Communication programme at UniSant'Anna, responsible for Online Journalism courses at Comunique-se webportal and a member of Teccred. E-mail: - Twitter: @andremarmota

:: Camila Zanqueta
Journalist with over seven years of experience in corporate communications, media training, crisis management, public relations, media relations, content production and social media. Currently working in digital communication projects for Microsoft. Post-graduate student in Organizational Communication at Casper Libero School and a member of Teccred. On Neofluxo, she was responsible for data collection from webportals (UOL, IG, Terra, and G1) and a weekly summary of the electoral TV shows, selecting keywords once a week. E-mail: - Twitter: @zanqueta

:: Carolina Ribeiro Pietoso
A journalist with substantial experience in all aspects of online content production and editing, with a background in social media planning, development and project management. MSc in Electronic Publishing from City University London, United Kingdom, where she researched the impact of open APIs on journalism, she is a recent member of Teccred, and was responsible for data collection, the open API and data visualizations. E-mail: - Twitter: @tantundem

:: Diego Sieg
A journalist with experience in print and digital formats. Works with texts, photographs, multimedia content, web design and development. Currently, in addition to being a student at a post-graduate programme in Theories and Practices of Communication at Casper Libero School and being a member of Teccred, he is an entrepreneur developing projects in the digital communication area. He researches on the possibilities of using data mining in the journalistic process. On NeoFluxo, he was responsible for the technology side of the project, the website design and development. E-mail: - Twitter: @diegosieg

:: Jeferson de Carvalho
Graduated in Business and got a post-graduate degree in Marketing after interrupting a career as an Electrical Engineer. Currently a student attending a Master programme in Communication at Casper Libero School. A technology enthusiast and expert in Marketing and Digital Media, he collaborated on NeoFluxo with data collection. Researches economic models for sustainability of initiatives in contemporary digital media. Email: - Twitter: @jefcarvalho

:: Mariana Pascutti
A student of Radio and TV at Casper Libero School, and a scientific initiation researcher at the same institution. She concluded the first year of Radio and TV at UNESP - Bauru, and one and a half years of Electrical Engineering at Sao Francisco University. Monitors the Production Center for Radio and TV at Casper Libero, which develops, among other things, content for the Extra Edition show, broadcasted by Gazeta TV. She is also an intern at Gazeta TV in the Computer Graphics department. E-mail: - Twitter: @maripascutti

:: Maurício Maia
Web developer working on projects for universities, NGOs, public institutions and start-ups. Works with large-scale systems and large volumes of data. He is also dedicated to online journalism, and the transparency of public data. E-mail: - Twitter: @mauricio

:: Rafael Vergili
A Masters student in Communication in Contemporary Society at Casper Libero School, also collaborated with the analysis of keywords at the Teccred project. He has experience in the Public Relations sector and now devotes himself to study the performance of professional PR (in which he holds a BA qualification) on connected social networks. E-mail:

Pesquisador participante da formulação do projeto enviado ao CNPq

:: Prof. Dr. Liraucio Girardi Júnior
Sociólogo, docente da Faculdade Cásper Líbero e pesquisador do Centro Interdisciplinar de Pesquisa (CIP).





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